F&K Technology Notebook Computer Lock

F&K Technology Notebook Computer Lock

F&K Technology Notebook Computer Lock - Security Lock for portable computer Made of solid steel. It can't be broken by blade Suitable for all notebooks with locking opening Length 1.6m. Good in a large portion of working space. 

F & K Technology Notebook Computer Lock
F & K Technology Notebook Computer Lock

Lock your portable computer on the work area and you require not stress over its consistently stolen. 
  • 4-digit blend security lock 
  • attaches to any note pad machine outfitted with a lock space 
  • 6 ft. electrifies steel link 
  • prevents your notebook from being stolen 
  • over 100k laptops will be stolen not long from now - take shield and never possess a notebook without a portable computer bolt particularly school understudies, K-12 schools, colleges, and business.


  1. Set the mix to "0000" (the industrial facility preset blend for some notebook locks) or to the current mix in the event that you have transformed it since obtaining it.
  2. Embed a screwdriver or an included reset apparatus into the reset screw or pin. Pivot the reset screw or pin to the fitting position. You may need to turn the pin clockwise or counterclockwise 60 to 90 degrees.
  3. Scroll the mix dials to choose another mix. Record the mix.
  4. Pivot the reset screw or pin to its unique position. Test the new mix before joining the lock to your notebook.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Some portable computer security link producers permit you to store your notebook mix online on the off chance that you overlook it. Go down your blend online or in composing.
  2. Join the lock to an unflinching item.
  3. Scramble your blend before you leave your portable computer unattended so that passers-by can't take in your mix

F&K Technology Notebook Computer Lock

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